Christianity 101

Pastor Adam, our visitation pastor, will be conducting this class on Sunday mornings at 11:00AM and it will begin on September 8, 2019, in room #10.  The class is for all who would like to learn the basic foundations of the faith. No matter how long you have been a believer this will help to ground you in what every Christian needs to know. Here is the projected outline but it is always subject to change:
Class #1: Introduction to Course and Overview of Culture and Worldview

  • Provide an overview for class. Ask participants what they are looking to learn from the class. Talk about Culture and Worldview. How do both of these affect how we might approach the Bible?

Class #2: Reading and Understanding Your Bible
  • How do we get our Bible? Why should I read the Bible? How do I read my Bible? What are the wrong temptations/tendencies of reading our Bible? What benefit does the Bible have on my life? How does the Bible change us? What are the literary styles of books? 
Class #3: Bible Part #1 - Creation and Fall Account (Genesis 1-3)
  • Who is God? Why did he create world/man? What is the chief end of God? What is sin and why is eating from a tree so bad? What is the importance of God's judgement and promise in Genesis 3:15?
Class #4: Bible Part #2 – Old Testament Overview (Genesis 4 - Malachi)
  • How does God deal with sinful/fallen humanity? What is the Law? How should we approach the law today? What is a covenant? What is important about each covenant God makes with Israel? Why does God choose Israel as His elect people? What does God want us to see in the rest of the Old Testament and why should we read it? 
Class #5: Bible Part #3 - Redemption through the Gospel of Jesus (Matthew - John)
  • Who is Jesus? What did Jesus teach? Why was Jesus' teaching different than anything else or what they expected? Why did Jesus have to die such a horrific death? What did Jesus fulfill that no one before Him was able to do? What is the Gospel, how are people saved? What is not the Gospel? Why should we trust and follow the Gospel? 
Class #6: Bible Part #4 - Post-Jesus to End Times (Acts - Revelation)
  • With Jesus now gone, how do we now live as Christians? What is the Holy Spirit? Why is the Holy Spirit greater within us than Jesus being right next to us? What should the church look like? Who is Paul? What did he do? How will the end times work?
Class #7: The Christian's Inward Heart
  • The Gospel changes the Christian's heart in relationship with God. How do we communicate with God? What is Prayer? Why should I pray? How should I pray? How do I fight sin? What is Christian meditation? What's different about Christian meditation compared to other Eastern religion's form of meditation? What is fasting? What is the Sabbath and why should we practice it?
Class #8: The Christian's Outward Heart
  • The Gospel changes the Christian's heart in relationship with others. How do we serve others? What is Discipleship? What is Evangelism/Missions? Why are they necessary? Why do we need others in the Christian walk? What is family worship? What do Bible studies look like? What is "Christian" calling? Why should we give/tithe?
Class #9: FAQ's of Christianity
  • What are Christians’ view on sexuality and racism? Why do Christians suffer and how can they have joy in suffering? What makes Christianity different from any other religion? Why so many denominations and why do we believe what we believe? Any other FAQ's that the class wants to go over (ask them to write down week before).