GAP - Grassroots Apologetics for Parents

Barna Group Research shows that an astounding number of kids (at least 60%) are walking away from the Christian faith they were raised with. Kids are rejecting Christianity because they no longer believe it’s true. If we’re going to reverse this trend, Christian children must be better prepared for the challenging secular world they’ll encounter. They need to know what they believe and why they believe it so they can have a deeply rooted and confident faith that’s ready to withstand today’s faith challenges. This knowledge also enables kids to boldly share their faith with others and give a defense when challenged.

Parents have the primary responsibility for raising their kids with an understanding of these answers. Unfortunately, most parents are unequipped themselves, and often very intimidated, to teach their children apologetics. GAP wants to change that by working with churches around the world to host local chapters that bring parentstogether for regular meetings where they’ll receive apologetics training and support. Crosspoint Church will be hosting a GAP chapter  from 6:00 – 7:00PM in room 8.  Crosspoint members and Ratio Christi missionaries Travis and Kerry Pelletier will be leading a 12 week book study entitled “Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side.” Light refreshments will also be provided, so join us for a fun time of growing and learning together as parents! For any questions, contact Travis Pelletier at