The Mansion desires to evangelize the formally incarcerated, homeless, and otherwise forgotten of society to come to know Jesus Chrsit as Savior, to follow Him through service and faithfully witness to lost souls.
Worship, Learn, and Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Here at The Mansion, our goal is to make you feel welcome and to share the love of God with each person who comes to us.  We strive to create an environment where you can feel safe no matter where you are in life.  Because, The Mansion is a place where we love like Him, strive to live like Him, in order to ultimately lead like Him.
Our services are every Sunday at 6:00PM.  Music at the start, a Message, and a good meal at the end.
We do provide transportation in the Bangor-Brewer area.  Please text or call 207-249-9154 to make arrangements.

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For more information about The Mansion Church, please contact us by email (info@crosspointbangor.com) or phone (207-947-6576).