Bangor Christian Schools -
Accredited by NEASC, K4 – 12 school that teaches young people the excellence of Christ through education. 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes / Sandy Thomas -
FCA is a mission to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. Their mission is to present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
Shepherd's Godparent Home -
The Shepherd’s Godparent Home ministers to women who are facing an unplanned/crisis pregnancy. They provide a home for girls until the baby is born, tutoring for school classes, and a loving, safe environment. The Executive Director is Barb Ford.  
Christian Civic League of Maine -
The founding purposes of the CCLM are to encourage all the people of Maine in good citizenship, to elect honest and competent public officials, and to enact good laws and provide for their impartial enforcement. The CCLM is committed to the following six ethical components:  the power to give, the power to live in the light, the power to love hard questions, the power of informed choice, the power to love enemies, and the power to forgive. The Executive Director is Carroll Conley.  
Local Church Evangelism / Pastor Wendell Calder
Wendell Calder is the founder of Local Church Evangelism. He travels around the world preaching the gospel. He speaks at conferences and seminars and on occasion teaches at Word of Life Bible Institute. He is president of Local Church Evangelism which helps support national pastors and builds churches in India. Joan and Wendell have a home in Newport, Maine where they reside when they are not traveling.
Living Waters Bible Camp -
Living Waters is a four season Christian camp and retreat center on East Grand Lake in Danforth, Maine.  They hold summer camps for families, individuals, and teens.  They hold basketball and cheering camps during the summer, men’s ice fishing and ladies scrap booking in the winter to mention just a few.
Free Indeed Ministries -
Our purposes offer hope for the captive, to be a Christian preservative in our culture and to support your local church.  These purposes are our goals and commitment to our communities. The first purpose is to "Proclaim hope to the captives." The second purpose is to "Preserve our culture." And the third purpose is to "Provide support to the local churches." 
Manna Ministries -
Our mission is to provide outreach to the needy throughout Central Maine. We minister to the spiritual and temporal needs of people throughout our community: we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and in our ministry, we focus on the complete cycle of Rescue, Hope, and Restoration.
Lighthouse Radio Network / WHCF / Solution FM –
WHCF is a non-denominational, non-profit, listener-supported radio station. Behind the great music, fun people on the air and contests - there is a foundation of ministry. Please know that you are always welcome to contact us! And think of Solution FM as a “clean Top 40″ channel, specialized for students (or anyone who has a young-vibe in life). The latest and greatest Christian Pop, Rock and Hip Hop and whatever else is hot right now. Plus fun conversations between the songs.
The Mansion Church –
The Mansion Church is an outreach church in downtown Bangor and is part of Crosspoint Church. The church ministers to the incarcerated at Penobscot County Jail and Maine State Prison, the homeless in Bangor, the poor and desolate people of the city, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Lifelines / Ryan and Stephanie Bethel –
Lifelines is a ministry of CRU. Our team is located in the Portland Maine area doing launching movements to do discipleship and evangelism on campuses all over southern Maine. We also specialize in using experiential learning and outdoor ministry to reach students who would not otherwise hear the Gospel. In this way, we support other ministries all over New England by offering outdoor trips like rock climbing, sea kayaking, etc. On these trips, we help introduce Jesus and help students grow spiritually.
Ratio Christi / Travis Pelletier –
Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is an organization encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christian students at universities around the world through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics while sharing Christ’s message and love to those that have yet to receive it. The ministry is focused on apologetics and evangelism training, with a primary goal being to reverse the trend in which Christian youth walk away from their faith in college. This is accomplished by (1) starting apologetics clubs on campus to discuss the evidence for and against the Christian faith, (2) getting into high schools to prepare students before they get to college, and (3) getting into churches to teach parents how to strengthen the faith of their children. Travis is based on the University of Maine Orono campus.

Sam Sadek
Sam Sadek serves among the Arabic speaking community in the Washington DC Metro area. Some of these people are Muslims and others are traditional Christians from the Coptic and Catholic background. Some of these groups have been here for many years and others are new immigrants who fled from persecution in Egypt and wars in Syria and Iraq. Most of the Arabs who come here have a lot of spiritual, social and physical needs.

Creation Ministries International / Dr. Jeff Benjamin /
Creation Ministries International (CMI) exists to support the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Bible, in particular its Genesis history.