Welcome to our missionary prayer calendar. Our goal is to provide a calendar of missionaries to pray for. Through the calendar we will select a missionary to pray for each day of any given month. 

The calendar below contains the list of missionaries for this month. You can click on the calendar item for more details. We encourage people to print the month and keep it somewhere handy. Then the printed calendar can act as a reminder throughout the day. A short five minute prayer can make a big difference. To print the calendar click on the print icon at the top right of the calendar. Please make sure your popup blocker is off. A window will appear and you can select the options you wish and then click on print at the bottom of the form.

If you are interested in viewing previous months you can select arrows at the top right of the calendar. If you want to return to the current month you can click on the button labeled Today at the top left of the calendar. The current date is always highlighted in yellow.

We and our missionaries thank you for your prayers.