Name Email  Website Mission Field Mission Board
Abdelmasih, Berty & Salwa Muslims Outreach to Asia Nationals
Ballard, Jeff & Joyce Russia Harvesters International Ministries
Bangor Christian Schools Greater Bangor Area Crosspoint Church
Bethel, Ryan & Stephanie Northeast U.S.A Campus Crusade
Brochu, Luke & Pam Haiti Haitian Ministries
Calder, Wendell & Joan The World Local Church Evangelism
Catalan, Alvin & Del Philippines Pacific Baptist Mission
Christian Civic League of Maine Maine Christian Civic League of Maine
D Family Asia Outreach to Asia Nationals
Dodson, Bob & Dee Tanzania Baptist Bible Fellowship
Doomy, Al Asia Outreach to Asia Nationals
Flores, Sam & Belle Facebook: Independent Baptist Mission For Asians Philippines Independent Baptist Mission For Asians
Frost, Wayne & Shelley World Trans World Radio
Gibbs, David III United States National Center For Life And Liberty
Gnanakan, Chris & Dorothy World Christar
Hall, Phyllis Uganda Baptist International Missions
Hartman, Tim & Meaghan World Pioneers
Hoyt, Richard & Ame Chad The Evangelical Alliance Mission
J Family Middle East Baptist Bible Fellowship
Kato, Kazu & Amy Japan Fellowship International Mission
Kumar, Paul & Swarna India Local Church Evangelism
Lighthouse Radio Network Maine Lighthouse Radio Network
Living Waters Bible Conference Maine Living Waters Bible Conference
Losnach, Natal & Sonia Brazil Central Missionary Clearinghouse
Lyons, Greg Philippines Central Missionary Clearinghouse
MacArthur, Arthur & Eloise Asia Outreach to Asia Nationals
Manna Ministries none Bangor Manna Ministries
Mansion Church the Bangor Crosspoint Church
Mendelson, Susan The World Jews For Jesus
Morales, Christian Facebook: Independent Baptist Mission For Asians Philippines Independent Baptist Mission For Asians
National Pastors Laos Outreach to Asia Nationals
Pelletier, Travis Maine RatioChristi
Pettingale, Matt Belize Crosspoint Church
Poston, Steve & Debbie Mexico Bridging The World
Ray, Jonathan Maine Child Evangelism Fellowship
Robinson, Ted Maine Free Indeed Ministries
Sadek, Sam Muslims in Washington, D.C Bridging The World
Schmidt, Rodger & Lynne Mozambique World Venture
Shepherds Godparent Home Maine Shepherd's Godparent Home
Smith, Vernon & Mary Tanzania Baptist Bible Fellowship
Sorenson, Kim China Outreach to Asia Nationals
Thomas, Sandy Maine Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Turgeon, Gary & Rosemary Nepal Outreach to Asia Nationals
Victor, Paul India Emmanuel Baptist Bible Church
Walker, Jay & Linda none none Truckstops in Maine Rural Maine Ministries
Whiffen, Mark & Donna Mexico Baptist International Missions