USA and OTAN Missions

Jews For Jesus / Susan Mendelson –

Susan Mendelson serves with Jews for Jesus on Long Island in New York. She reaches out to some of the 316,000 Jewish people both one to one, answering questions and journeying with Jewish people to the end that they might come to a saving faith in their Jewish Messiah Jesus and in the “public square” making it known that in fact not only can Jewish people believe in Jesu but that it is the single most Jewish thing a Jewish person can do!

National Center for Life and Liberty / David Gibbs III –

Attorney David C. Gibbs III is the President and General Counsel of the National Center for Life and Liberty, a ministry organization that defends life and liberty freedoms nationwide. Mr. Gibbs speaks regularly to audiences in churches and conferences while also litigating cases as a trial attorney. He has authored five books including Fighting for Dear Life and Understanding the Constitution.

Bridging the World / Sam Sadek –

Sam Sadek serves among the Arabic speaking community in the Washington DC Metro area. Some of these people are Muslims and others are traditional Christians from the Coptic and Catholic background. Some of these groups have been here for many years and others are new immigrants who fled from persecution in Egypt and wars in Syria and Iraq. Most of the Arabs who come here have a lot of spiritual, social and physical needs.

Pioneers / Tim and Meaghan Hartman –

Pioneers is a missions sending organization that focuses on reaching the unreached and planting local churches in areas that have little or no Christian witness. Tim Hartman serves in the position of Alumni Mobilizer with Pioneers. The position of Alumni Mobilizer is to specifically coach the young adults and college students who serve short-term through The Edge, Pioneer’s summer short-term program, and mobilize them into serving long-term.