Small Groups

We will be doing our best to offer people the opportunity to grow as a disciple and connect with others. We want to focus on our mission, “To bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” A great way to draw closer to the Lord is through God’s Word, wholesome fellowship, and with other believers.
We are re-energizing our small groups. We will have some that will be for connection and fellowship only. Other groups will be for those who want connection and to study a spiritual topic.
The groups will go from February until May. This will allow people to try a group out, and also allow a break during the summer. Following the summer people can sign up for a new small group if they desire.  We believe having a start time and end time for the groups will allow people to be involved as their time allows. It will also make it more convenient for those facilitating groups.
If you are interested in a small group from February until May, fill out the survey and Pastor Adam will contact you,

Thank you for being involved, and beginning the path to transformation and connectedness!