Belize (2019)

It was an early start for the Belize mission trip in January of 2019. Twelve people, comprised mostly of members of the Crosspoint College & Career small group, set out for the Portland jetport at 12:30 a.m. on January 11th for a week of service to the people of Belize. Pastor Mick also accompanied the young adults on the journey. ... read more

Belize (2018)

On August 4, 2018 twenty-one people from Cross Point Church rode to Boston to start our journey to Belize.  Unfortunately, our flight in Boston was delayed and we arrived in Dallas/Fort Worth too late to get our connection to Belize.  Another team ... read more

Cambodia (2017)

Excitement and anticipation were in the air as 24 people from Crosspoint Church gathered together at Bangor International Airport to start our long journey to Cambodia. The group that would serve the Lord together was diverse, with ages between 11 and 76 years old, occupations from pastors, school teachers, physical therapists, contractors, and nurses. Although diverse ... read more

Ghana, Africa (2016)

In March Pastor Mick was invited by Pastor Yim to visit Ghana.   Ghana is located on the West Coast of Africa.  Weather is tropical with only two seasons (rainy or dry) because it is only a few degrees above the Equator.   It was formally known as the Gold Coast ... read more

Cambodia (2015)

On Oct. 26, 2015 a team of 12 representing "BBC" left early in the morning, 1:30am, to travel to Cambodia for a medical missions trip. The team comprised of 1 pastor, 1 doctor, 4 nurses, 1 electrician, 1 teacher, and 4 helpers, (4 men, 8 women) . After a couple of layovers and a long flight we arrived in Phnom Penh where we were greeted by our hosts Paul and Jeanet Tabanao with many of the Bible students from Highlands Bible College from the Rawlings foundation. We got to Highlands ... read more

Haiti (2015)

Crosspoint joined together with Luke and Pam Brochu, founders of Haitian Ministries for its annual church mission trip. With just a duffel bag each weighing in at less than 35 pounds this team headed out of Bangor, Maine on December 29, 2014. Some team members were on their first mission trip outside of the USA. ... read more

Nepal (2009)

The trip to Nepal this spring was in partnership with Arise Medical Missions to set up medical camps in some of the most remote areas of Northwest Nepal. Our team consisted of Carl Bottorf and me as team leaders and Ngoc Du, D.O., Jessica Vancil, O.D., Rich Vancil, Optometrist Technician, Mary Phillips, EMT, Heidi Bach, R.N., Moriah Bach, Yam Pokerhel, Dentist, Hari Gurung, Sr. Pastor for OTAN, and two younger pastors that acted as translators. ... read more

Haiti (2008)

In June 2008, 15 members of Beyond the Norm Youth group, at Bangor Baptist Church ventured into the country of Haiti. All, except for one of the leaders, had never been to Haiti before. While in Haiti, this group of young people and two adults were able to help in the local communities mostly through daily vacation bible schools but also by ministering to a local youth group, loving on handicap children at a local orphanage and through providing encouragement ... read more

Haiti (2007)

As the scripture in Isaiah teaches us to care for the poor and feed the hungry, our short-term mission team endeavored to do that for two weeks in February.  We held three medical clinics where we witnessed heartbreaking scenes - a baby near death, a young girl with bacterial meningitis, a man who could not swallow, and a woman carrying a still-born baby in her eleventh month. ... read more

Belize (2006)

This trip included close to forty members, who were divided into three teams including medical, construction and children's ministries.  The construction team built a wooden house for a local pastor and his family, a cement block home for a mother and her six children, and also expanded the home of  a quadriplegic man who was unable to leave his bed. ... read more

The Philippines (2004, 2005)

During these two years, close to fifty individuals participated in each mission.   Again, the members were divided into teams including medical, construction, VBS, and a crusade team of singers and musicians.  The medical team performed similar tasks as during previous missions, but the numbers of people seeking care increased into the thousands. ... read more

Nepal (2003)

In the fall of 2003, thirty-four individuals left for Nepal.  This time everybody would work together to provide medical care for the people of Nepal.  The group was led by Carl and Gina Bottorf of Bridging the World medical missions, and was joined by doctors from other areas of the country. ... read more

Zambia, Africa (2002)

In September of 2002, twenty one individuals, mostly members of Bangor Baptist Church embarked on the church's first large scale missions trip to a third world country.  The members were divided into three teams, including medical, construction and Vacation Bible School.    Each team woke early each morning and was bused to their designated work area for the day. ... read more